Mission Statement 
To be Good News where we live work and play!

External Focus
Because…loving our neighbors is the best expression for our love for God.

Demonstrated by:
• Adopting the mindset of generous Hospitality where all are welcomed in our homes as well as our church.
• Prioritizing that guests feel seen, welcomed, and valued over our own preferences.
• Celebrating 3C’s generosity with time, talents, and treasures as a way of recognizing their contribution to The Mission.
• Intentionally stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone and conveniences to serve the needs of those in our community the Church has yet to reach.

Pivotal Relationships
Because… authentic friendships are the foundation of spiritual growth.

Demonstrated by:
• Learning to naturally engage new people with gospel centered motives.
• Fostering communities to be environments of joy, accountability, and wisdom.
• Inspiring our people to take the time and necessary risks to develop genuine friendships.
• Purposefully developing relationships where strangers become friends and friends become family.
• Investing in and developing healthy marriages as a model for other relationships.

Disciple-Making Culture
Because…Jesus commands every follower to accomplish this goal: Make disciples.

Demonstrated by:
• Coaching and Curriculum that will provide practical tools and clear steps for spiritual growth and disciple making.
• Purposeful plans of action focused on helping 3C friends and family take the next step on their ongoing Spiritual Journey.
• Cultivating relationships that model Jesus, transforming mentees into mentors.