Jesus People

One Study/Two Times  8:15am or 9:30am                                   
Nov 8-Dec 27 in Fellowship Hall, Led by Frank Renn 
Bring a Bible or Bible app, mask, and your favorite morning beverage as we social distance and explore  many stories of Jesus and His Tribe.  Sign up Sunday on the Event Registration card on your seat and drop in the offering bucket or email Frank at    
Nov 8: Matthew & Zacchaeus [The Tax Collectors]    
Nov 15: Peter & John [The Fishermen]                                                                                               
Nov 22: Mary [The Mother of our Lord]    
Nov 29: James & Jude [The Unbelieving 1/2 Brothers of Jesus]                                                                                   
Dec 6: Martha [The Encumbered Friend]  
Dec 13: Judas [The Betrayer]                                                                                                                                            
Dec 20: Peter [The Denier]  
Dec 27: Thomas [The Doubter]