News you can use before your first visit.
We hope the following information will make your first visit more comfortable for you and your child.
You can prepare your child for a great Sunday by letting them know that you are so excited for them to learn about Jesus.  In order to guarantee a safe and pleasant experience for our children we use a check in system. 

Each child in Kid's Kove is assigned their own name tag when they are dropped off on Sunday morning. The parent/guardian receives a matching ID tag. The child cannot be released to anyone else except to the person with the matching ID card. If your child needs you during worship, their ID # will appear on a screen in the front left corner of the worship center.

Say Goodbye with Confidence: 
Please don't worry if you have to leave a crying baby. If we are not able to soothe your child, we will post your ID# at the front left corner of the worship center screen or come find you if you are in an ABF or small group.

Your Child is Precious in His Sight! 
We will definitely treat them with safe, warm, loving care. All of our workers must attend safety classes as well as have a clean background check that is renewed every two years.