May 30-June 2 9am-1pm

MAD CAMP is a week long day camp where kids can use their creative gifts to express their love for Jesus. Not to be confused with a Vacation Bible School program, MAD Camp centers around Music, Arts, Drama, Karate and much more. It's an active camp for all children mature 3 years old - 5th grade. This is a great program to bring visitors who do not normally attend church. Every child is special and unique and this program is designed to encourage creativity. No child is left out!

Camper Registration:  It's free! Sign up today so we can be prepared for your child!  You will receive information about the week in an email after your child is registered. We will try to accomodate friends requests from children wanting to take classes together. We recommend that children register for the same electives at the same session time.  We start promptly at 9 a.m. and will end at 1 p.m.

Email Lori Conley at if you would like to volunteer! Volunteers for preschool are still needed.
Lori Conley, Children's Minister