Christian Arabic Services (CAS)

Our Mission:
Developing Christian leaders for the Arab world.
Who Is Leading the Work?
Safaa Fahmi began reaching out to the poor villages churches in 1989 with the help of longtime Christian missionary Laverne Morris. Today he continues to work among the Egyptians and Sudanese and others in surrounding nations of the Middle East.                                

Conducts at least 3 medical clinics each year                     
Trains church leaders throughout the Middle East            
Has an extensive writing and translating ministry,providing materials written in Arabic for Sunday Schools and Vacation Bible School                                                                   
Has an extensive work among Sudanese refugees who live in Egypt, with many churches being planted among them                                                                                                        
Provides charity through food, clothes, medicine,  blankets and vocational training to those in need
If you would like more information, contact:
Mike Ladd
PO Box 37
Miamitown, OH 45041-0037