Master Provisions

Mission Statement

MASTER Provisions exists to evangelize through clothing and other benevolent ministries established in economically devastated countries. We follow Christ's pattern of meeting temporary physical needs to gain the opportunity to address the more urgent spiritual needs of non-Christians.

Help Master Provisions with your Kroger Plus Card! Go to the Kroger website to register your card: provide an email address and create a password for your new Kroger Account [only one Kroger Plus Card can be linked to an email address]. Enter your zip code and select your preferred Kroger store. Enter your Kroger Plus Card number or Alternate ID [10 digit phone number]. Check box to “Agree to terms and conditions”, then “Complete Registration” Check email account for confirmation from Kroger and follow provided link. Log into your account. After logging into your account, click on “Community Rewards” and select “Edit Community Rewards Program Information” you will first be required to enter your address and “save changes” If you have not already provided this information. Enter MASTER Provisions assigned number 81605 into the “Find Your Organization” box and click on “search”. Select MASTER Provisions and “save changes”. If you have questions contact Becky Conover.